Is It Good Feng Shui to Have Plants at Home?

Good feng shui to have plants at home

Feng Shui is a Chinese technique for harmonizing the home and flowing the energies. Check out the best plants to have at home and energizing tips.

Did you know that the plants you grow indoors are able to interfere with the energies of the surroundings? And nobody wants negative energy inside the home, right? Placing plants at home and in the office helps us not only to breathe cleaner air but also to improve feng shui at home.

Is It Good Feng Shui to Have Plants at Home?

Yes, applying Feng Shui techniques with plants is an excellent way to harmonize the environment and make good energy flow. Feng Shui gives special importance to the power of trees and plants to generate harmony and well-being around us. Because they have the capacity to attract ‘Chi‘ and good luck to the home.

An important tip: always prefer natural plants, because it is the living nature acting inside your home. Artificial plants, as they do not have life, cause the energy to stagnate. 

Check out the best plants to have in your home and bring great energy to the home:


If your concern is for health, plant rosemary in your home. This herb has medicinal properties, being widely used in spices and teas. In addition, shamans believe this plant also cures soul ailments. 

Tip: Use it as a spice and in teas. You can place it in the garden, on the balcony, in windows or in a place with air circulation. It’s aroma scent wherever you are and its smell carries its properties.

Saint-George Sword

According to Feng Shui, plants with pointed leaves, like the St. George sword, carry very strong energy because they symbolize fire and struggle. According to mysticism, they withhold envy, evil eye, and omen, absorbing the negative energies.

Tip: You should keep them outside, in front of the house. To absorb the negativity and protect you and your family. Wash your hands thoroughly after contact with her, as she is toxic.


Round-leaved plants, such as oregano, are the ones that attract prosperity, money and job success. If you need help in the job, have these plants nearby. Upside-growing plants like vines also have this effect.

Tip: Leave them in the office, library, or room where you study or work. If you prefer, arrange them in the same vase. Its leaves can also be used as spices.


This plant is suitable for those people who have suffered some disappointment in love. It heals melancholy and sadness. It also brings vigor and health to sick people.

Tip: do not water excessively. They are great for energizing the cleanliness. If you choose to put it indoors, as it grows down, have some plant nearby whose leaves grow up or under the fern if it is hanging to balance the energies.


This little flower is able to balance the energies of the environment as it retains negativity and keeps bad vibes away.

Tip: Have three vases of violet in your living room if you feel a resident’s energy is running out. You can also place it in the bathroom. As it adapts well to this environment, which is considered a heavy place due to energy exchange. You can also keep them in the windows, kitchen and laundry area.


This plant sends envy and the evil eye far away from your family.

Tip: Plant it in a small pot with fertilized soil, and leave it near the entrance door in a visible place. Do not eat this plant and wash your hands thoroughly after contact with it, as it is toxic.

Tree of Happiness

This tree symbolizes the union and harmony of the couple. It is the plant that makes the energy of love flow and makes your relationship much more pleasant and passionate.

Tip: plant the female and male Happiness Tree in the same pot, to strengthen the bonds between you and your partner.


As well as being widely used in the production of disinfectants, this plant also has the power to clean the home of negative energy and safeguard it. Also, it will aid you in meditation and relaxation.

Tip: Plant them in the garden or leave your pot on the balcony, windows or well-ventilated places. Its aroma will purify the environment.

Peace Lily

The peace lily, as its name implies, favors peace in your home. Grow this plant in a pot to help family relationships and bring harmony among the residents of the house.

Tip: Leave pots of these flowers in environments that residents often live in, such as the living or dining room.

Now, you have known about the plants for feng shui of your home. There is another important thing that you should consider before selecting the plants. The placement according to feng shui is very important if you want the best result. So, Let’s know about the placement of some more plants within your home.

Pothos Absorb Energy

Pothos is a very common indoor plant. It is also known as Devil’s ivy. Since they are easy to care for and are very beautiful. According to Feng Shui, they absorb both positive and negative energy. So you have to be careful when placing them at home

If you place them in strategic points of your home like windows (better if you put them away from the ground), they will help you balance bad energy levels. The problem is that they also absorb good energy, so you should not have many pots of this type of plant. If you have them too many it will make your house have very little harmony.

Avoid Bonsai

Although it may seem ironic because of their relationship with Asian culture, bonsai do not have good Feng Shui. After all, they are plants that have been limited in their growth and therefore this imposed stunting will only cause bad vibrations to circulate in your home. If you do not want your day to day life to have limits, refrain from placing bonsai at home.

Hydrangeas and bad energies

Do you think hydrangea is beautiful? Although it seems an ideal decoration, it is not a suitable plant since it may attract bad energies. These flowers are related to loneliness and introspection. So it will not favor good relationships between different family members.

The agave plant at home

The agave has very elongated leaves, so it attracts bad energy. However, tequila is made from this plant. It has medicinal properties, which change its symbolism. Thus, according to Feng Shui, you should not have it indoors, but it is a great idea to plant it in a nearby garden.\

Money Plant

A plant that says that if it grows strong and robust attracts luck and money for you. You can easily take care of this plant.

Place it in a place where it gets enough indirect light to grow. You can put it on balconies that do not have direct sunlight.

Place an anthurium in the living room and you’ll win Feng Shui

The anthuriums, those plants with red heart-shaped flowers and dark green leaves. So they are very appropriate for the interior of your home. They are very resistant and radiate great strength. So it will be better to place them in shared rooms such as the living room or dining room, instead of the bedroom. 

Their rounded shapes make it easy for energy to circulate around them. Also, some people say it is the flower of love. So it will certainly make the atmosphere of your home much more affectionate.

The relationship between Feng Shui and bamboo

Bamboo is in fashion, so it is increasingly common to see it at home as a decoration. Despite being elongated, a feature that Feng Shui does not usually praise. But bamboo is flexible and very strong so it can provide your home with great robustness to adapt to changes.

In addition, it is a plant with a great relaxing power that transmits to the spaces where there is a great sense of peace. Therefore, Feng Shui recommends it in its different forms for the bedrooms.

Things to Consider Before Placing a Plant

  • Avoid dried flowers and artificial plastic plants, since they do not provide full energy and is related to dead energy.
  • The bathroom is one of the most energy-hungry areas of the house in case of energy. So the indoor plants can help you fill it with positive energy. Although it is likely that you have to change the plants frequently.
  • Do not use your living room as a graveyard of plants since it will lower the Chi of the room and can have an impact on your quality of life.
  • For feng shui, you should avoid plants with sharp blades placing in the family living areas. Because they cut the flow of energy within the home. 

Embrace the Feng Shui and achieve a happier and more harmonious life, away from negative vibrations and bad omen! So I am curious about what types of plants you are having in your home for good Feng Shui. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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