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9 Reasons Why Monstera Is So Popular?

In recent years, Monstera plants have been all over my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. This tall, tropical plant, also known as the “Swiss Cheese Plant”. It has perforated leaves and a vibrant green color that resembles its natural habitat in the jungle.

It appears that you can’t open a fashion magazine or visit a swanky establishment without coming across one and, and therefore, wanting one. Granted, it’s a lovely plant, and I enjoy a luscious, exotic indoor plant as much as the next person.

There must be a reason for Monstera’s overwhelming popularity and presence in social media.

Monstera is distinguished by its large, vibrant leaves as well as its distinctive pattern. You must have a tropical tree in your room at all times. Because of their large size and distinctive pattern, they are easy to spot in any room. They are extremely popular due to the fact that they are easy to grow.

Reasons for Montera’s Popularity

Beautiful Monstrea plant with rich green leaves.
Monstera plant


One of the main reasons for the Monstera’s immense popularity is the shape of its leaves. I’d be willing to bet that someone out there probably took an artistic photo of their plant, the internet fell in love and it became trendy.

The truth is, the uncommon pattern found in Monstera leaves combined with its vivid green color, makes it extremely Instagramable. 

Companies caught on to the trend and added logs to the already scorching fire. Scrolling through social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or even Reddit, you can find Monstera plants in the background of ads for popular brands.

The Monstera’s pattern can be found in artwork, clothing, dishes, phone covers… pretty much everywhere you look, there it is. And we love how gorgeous and exotic it looks.

Exotic look

Speaking about exotic, the Monstera’s exotic look is also a contributing factor for its popularity. The tropical plant has glossy, vibrant green leaves that are perforated with holes.

This uncommon graphic pattern and the size of the Monstera, elevate it from a regular house plant to a statement plant, creating an exotic vibe inside your home.

Large size Is Great for Interior Decoration 

The Monstera perfectly fits into the current trend of minimalistic interior design, which might explain its popularity as an indoor plant. 

As monochromatic interiors, with clean lines and uncluttered spaces, have become the favorite style of Millennials, the Monstera is the ideal statement plant. 

Its large, green, textured leaves with their unique clean pattern, make the “Swiss Cheese Plant” the perfect pop of color and natural elements to minimalist spaces.

In addition to its interesting leaf pattern, the Monstera is also a large-sized plant. It doesn’t do well in corners or windowsills, it needs space.

For this reason, the plant becomes the central focus of a room, making it look exotic and full of life.

And the coolest thing about Monstera is that you don’t need to grow the plant to enjoy its decorative power. 

Trim a leaf or two, put it in a clear vase with some water and you’ll have all the advantages of this tropical plant, namely its stylish green leaves, for up to two weeks.

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Holes In The Leaf With Age

The older your Monstera, the more holes and splits it will get. This serves as a great incentive to take care of your plant and watch it evolve, and like fine wine, get better with age.

The older it gets, the more unique and complex the leaves’ pattern will become.

Rewarding to the grower

All plant lovers out there know how rewarding watching your plants thrive can be.

The Monstera is a great plant for those that have always wanted plants but never managed to keep one alive. 

It’s easy to care for, and with a little TLC, you will be able to watch it grow and transform into a large, vivacious plant. 

Other than the spiritual, stress-reducing benefits of plant nurturing, you could also get a financial reward from growing Monstera. 

It’s a relatively easy plant to propagate, so there’s nothing stopping you from growing baby plants and selling them.

Easy to propagate

Caring for Monstera is simple and pain-free, and propagating it is equally easy. So, if you want to cut costs, you can simply get yourself a new plant from your existing one. 

The next time you prune your Monstera, get some stem cuttings with leaves or nodes, propagate in water or soil, and with some TLC you can grow your brand new, free plant.

Cleans the indoor air

Granted, the Monstera’s popularity is mostly explained by its lush, unique appearance. But it has another quality that makes it a great house plant: it’s an air purifier. 

It naturally cleans your indoor air, reducing air pollution inside your home. This is a major bonus, and another reason to run to the store and get one!

The Monstera being such a popular plant, it’s natural that plant aficionados and those who are just dipping their toes in being a plant parent have a lot of questions about it. (Source: University of Oxford)

Easy to care for

If you don’t have a green thumb, and all of your plants meet the Maker sooner than expected, the Monstera might be the plant for you.

It’s a fairly easy plant to care for, it likes stable indoor temperatures, indirect light, and a humid environment.

Water it once a week, let the soil dry a bit between waterings, and your “Swiss Cheese” plant should live a long, happy, beautiful life.

Monstera plants are also climbers, so adding a pole for them to climb will make them happy campers.

Now, if you want to give your plant a little extra TLC, mist its leaves with water now and then.

Another tip is to dust the leaves, this will keep them looking fresh and vivid. 

But again, Monstera is a happy camper and is likely to survive, even if you forget to water it now and then.

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Memorable Name

Of course, the plant also has a pretty cool name that helps its popularity. The name “Monstera” is interesting, intriguing, and easy to remember.

At the very least, once you hear it you will want to Google its name just to see what this monstera plant looks like.

The name also vaguely reminds the geek in all of us of Harry Potter and the magical plants, with equally unique names, in that universe. 

What plant lover out there didn’t secretly, or not so secretly, want a screaming Mandrake for their garden?

FAQ about Monstera

1. Is Monstera a good indoor plant?

Monstera is a pretty easy plant to have at home, which makes it a good indoor plant. But except for its fruit, the plant is toxic for humans and animals. So if you have small children or pets, it might not be the greatest idea to have one.

2. What does Monstera symbolize?

According to Chinese symbolism, Monstera represents longevity, honor, and respect. Especially in connection to our own history, Monstera stands for honoring and respecting our elders.

3. Why is Monstera so expensive?

The trendy Monstera that we see on Instagram or Pinterest is a large plant. And large plants take time to grow. The longer it takes to grow it, the longer the grower has to care for it and that increases the price. Buying a smaller plant and giving it some TLC yourself, might lower the costs.

But remember, Monstera is a popular plant. This increases demand which in turn, decreases the number of plants available, which results in more expensive products.

4. How much does a Monstera plant cost?

Monstera prices vary depending on the type of plant, its size, and the seller. For reference, here are some prices I found on Amazon:

PlantSizeAmazon Link
Monstera Deliciosa 24-28 inches
Monstera adansonii18 inches

Final Words

Monstera has taken hold of social media, its unique aesthetic composition present in ads for large companies, in influencers’ photos, and as inspiration for interior design.

With its large, vibrant leaves and their unique pattern, it is no wonder the Monstera, also known as the “Swiss Cheese Plant” has become popular.

The unique design of their leaves has been overwhelmingly present lately, used in clothing, jewelry, interior decorations, and even wallpaper.

What do you think about Monstera? Do you think the trend will last? And most importantly, what are you waiting for? Run and get yours!

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