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How Fast Does Bird Of Paradise Grow?

Bird of paradise can reach a height of 30 feet or more in 5-6 years with a moderate growth rate if the right conditions are met. The plant may take up to four years to flower if grown indoors. Typically, the height of an indoor bird of paradise is between 3 and 6  feet.

Aside from growing them outside, you can also enjoy blooming bird of paradise indoors. However, before bringing this beauty indoors, you should think about the maximum height.

The following are the best species for growing indoors, along with their maximum height:

Indoor Bird of Paradise SpeciesMaximum Height
Orange Bird of Paradise4 to 6 feet 
Dwarf Orange Bird of Paradise2.5 feet 
White Bird of Paradise5-7 feet
Narrow Leaf Bird of Paradise4-6 feet
White Flowered Banana Plant6-7 feet

If you intend to grow this exotic beauty indoors or in your backyard, you should also consider the maximum root depth so that you can choose the appropriate pot and location. The root system depth can range between 18 and 20 inches.

Bird Of Paradise indoors

How Long Does It Take For Giant Bird Of Paradise To Grow?

The most challenging aspect of growing indoors is the plant’s mature size, which can reach 5 to 6 feet in 3 to 5 years.

Can you now keep the giant bird of paradise small? During the first year or two of its life, a Giant White’ Bird of Paradise can be grown in a suitable environment, but as soon as it reaches maturity, the bird begins to show signs of improper conditions.

Bird of Paradise In Garden

In gardens, Strelitzia nicolai can reach a height of 10 meters, while Strelitzia alba can reach a height of 5-6 meters.

The leaves are massive, up to a meter and a half long by 30-40 centimeters wide, with a prominent vein and pinnate venation. 

The oval-shaped leaves of the bird of paradise are brightly colored and have a leathery surface.

Flowering Strelitzias are brightly colored and unusually large, with a green cover and red veins on the petals and green on the stem. Its flowering period lasts between February and August.

Flowers can grow up to 7 inches (18cm) tall and 18 inches (45cm) long, and they are usually held just above the point where the fan leaf emerges from the stem.

The flowers are followed by triangular Bird of Paradise seed capsules, which are shaped like a bird of paradise.

The inflorescence has a dark blue bract, white sepals, and a bluish-purple tongue and has 6 feet (1.8m) long gray-green leaves arranged like a fan on the upper part of the stems, similar to Ravenala madagascariensis commonly called traveler’s tree or traveler’s palm

The long petioles that emerge in the form of a fan contribute to its attractiveness. The foliage is leathery and tenacious. The roots are rhizomes that are thick and fleshy.

How to Maintain a Bird of Paradise’s Optimal Growth Rate

What Is The Ideal Climate For Bird of Paradise?

Strelitzia nicolai prefers a warm, moist, and sunny environment. That is to say, this plant can be grown in partial shade, full sun, or a mixture of the three.

However, full sun with a medium amount of intensity is what I recommend for best results.

Growing this plant in full sun is essential if you live in a cold climate. However, if you live in a hotter region, consider farming in the shade to avoid the intense heat of the summer.

It is possible to grow this plant indoors or in an apartment, so long as there is adequate light and ventilation. Try to keep this plant in the warm morning sun as much as possible.

For this plant to bloom, it requires a lot of sunlight and heat. In other words, this plant doesn’t produce many flowers when kept indoors.

The ideal temperature for growing bird of paradise is between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (15-32°C).

However, this little plant is able to withstand light and even a little bit of cold. Avoid exposing this plant to extreme cold or frost.

What Type of Substrate Is Best For Bird of Paradise?

Well-fertilized soil is ideal for this stunning plant. In addition to this, the substrate must have a high organic content. And, if at all possible, it holds some moisture.

Although it can be grown in a pot or in the garden (bed), this plant prefers to be grown outdoors.

Gardening is a great way to eat fresh produce. Topsoil, garden soil, and earthworm humus are all excellent substrates for growing in a pot.

Alternatively, you could simply use garden soil and compost. However, a large pot with numerous holes in the bottom is required for this plant. Use a blanket at the bottom of the vase for best results!

However, if grown in the ground, the soil must have excellent drainage and be exceptionally fertile. This plant’s growth will be accelerated if the soil is rich in organic matter.

How Do I Water This Plant?

The  Bird of Paradise plant enjoys the water. To put it another way, it is a plant that prefers the substrate or slightly moist soil. However, if growing in pots, avoid placing small plates beneath it!

It’s best to water this plant’s substrate or soil whenever the soil begins to dry out. However, avoid completely drying out for extended periods of time. This is a terrible thing for this plant!

If growing in a container, water no more than three times per week.

However, if the plant is in the ground, water every 3 or 4 days during the summer. You can even stop watering in the winter. As long as there is a lot of rain!

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