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Can You Keep Plants in the Bathroom?

Indoor plants go well with faience and tile, softening the chilly interior of the bathroom. The rich greenery of plants near the water creates a peaceful atmosphere of a tropical spa. 

However, any plants need at least a minimal light source. To do this, use artificial lights or periodically take out the plants on a light windowsill. Do not forget to provide them with timely watering and spraying, according to the features of their type. 

Can We Keep Plants in The Bathroom? Yes, you can keep plants in the bathroom. As you know most of the indoor plants are tropical species. The microclimate of the bathroom resembles tropics. So, there are many indoor plants that will grow well in the bathroom. The plants for the bathroom should be moisture-loving and shade tolerant. You can use artificial light to cover up light deficiency. 

What plants can be placed in the bathroom?

It is no secret that it is the presence of indoor plants that make the interior complete and harmonious. And this is not the only function of greenery. Indoor flowers are capable of:

  • fill the enclosed space with oxygen;
  • regulate humidity and absorb excess fumes;
  • deodorize the air and act as a barrier to the spread of unpleasant odors.

That is why there is no doubt about the correct placement of indoor plants and flowers in the bathroom. However, you should consider some details before going for it:

  1. The plant that you intend to place in the bathroom should be moisture and shade-loving (it could grow without enough sunlight).
  2. It should be suitable for the interior of the room (when designing, it is best to trust specialists or familiarize yourself with ready-made options).
  3. It should not interfere with water procedures.

If you manage to comply with all these conditions, then you can proceed to the selection of the plants themselves. Almost all tropical species are suitable for landscaping the bathroom.

I will discuss eleven representatives of indoor plants, which the most suitable for keeping in the bathroom.  

1. Dracaena Sander or Indoor Bamboo

Often it is called bamboo of fortune. It looks stylish both in a transparent vase of water and in an ordinary pot with soil. But in the midst of plants, bamboo can easily get lost. So, it is better to place it alone.

Dracaena sander prefers partial shade, calmly relates to humidity and heat. Do not forget that bamboo grows very quickly.  So, you should worry about additional space for it in advance.

2. Snake Plant      

There are legends about her toughness and simplicity. Besides, she is an excellent air purifier. To survive, she needs only a little light and water. Young, short sansevieria is suitable for decorating the shelves and countertops of the washbasin.

You can consider massive adult plants for the corners of the bathroom. If you hang it in a cachepot, it can germinate with leaves downwards, multiplying with air rhizomes.

3. Spider plant

Due to its endurance and decorativeness, this plant is very popular in indoor gardening. It is also suitable for use in the bathroom. The fluffy hairstyle of spider plant or chlorophytum looks best on high horizontal surfaces: on cabinets or in a cache-pot. It is completely natural and feels good in the shade.

4. Orchid

This flower is more associated with moods and high demands on care. But two of the 20,000 species of orchids bathrooms are able to cope with the bathroom environment: phalaenopsis (“Butterfly”) and paphiopedilum (“Venus slipper”). They are ideal for modern interiors. 

This flower will become an elegant decoration of the countertop of the washbasin, doubling its beauty in the mirror reflection. They need soft light and high humidity, which is easy to provide in the bathroom.

5. Calatheas

It is popular for its decorative leaves with expressive veins. Calatheas are comfortable at 90% humidity and warmth (at least +16 °C/60.8°F).

The plant prefers partial shade with a slight glimmer of sunlight. To sharp changes in temperature is negative and immediately begins to wither. Watering with warm water is a better option. 

6.   Philodendron

For this indoor plant, light is not as important as moisture. You have to keep the soil in its pot all the time, but not too damp.

Because of the rapid growth of the philodendron, it is important to provide enough space. You can safely use it to create a new-fashioned decor – the green wall.

7. Ivy

This is a climbing or ground creeping plant. You can simply use this plant in interior decoration. it’s native to subtropics and used to living in shady forests.

So, in a dimly lit bath, ivy will be quite comfortable. But it will easily fade from dry, hot air. Ivy is suitable for decorating the upper shelves and vertical landscaping. The plant is one of the most effective air purifiers.

8. Boston Fern

Boston fern is popularly known as an indoor plant. This plant can grow without direct sunlight. So, this fern is often found in landscaping the bathroom. But rooms with a window are more suitable for this plant.

If there is a lack of daylight, Boston fern will begin to drop leaves. But it is not afraid of moisture and needs regular spraying. And once a week, you should give it a warm shower under a weak water stream that doesn’t damage the shoots.

9. Swiss cheese plant

One of the most favorite vines among gardeners. It is universal and non-capricious. The optimum temperature for its growth is 23–25 °C (68°F- 77°F). If you increase the temperature, it will actively begin to grow. Swiss cheese plant does not like dry air. It prefers a humid atmosphere.

So, it needs regular spraying. You will be amazed to know that this plant is able to predict the weather. If drops of water form on the leaves, then it is likely that rain will occur on the street. Beautiful cirrus leaves grow only in partial shade or in moderate light.

10. Succulent Florarium

A wonderful solution in decorating a small bath can be a florarium. You can make it yourself at home. This peculiar mini-garden in a vase or a decorative bottle allows you to create a piece of tropical forest. The specialty is that inside the container it forms its own ecosystem. 

This micro-ecosystem regulates plant growth, temperature, humidity level. The selected plants make up a complete composition. They grow slowly and therefore retain their decorative appearance for a long time. The care of the florarium is minimal. Watering the succulents once every 2 weeks will be enough!

11. Moss Terrarium

Just like a florarium, you can make your own and a moss terrarium. It looks almost identical to the above compositions; the only difference is the components.

As you can already guess from the name, the glass (or other transparent) containers should be filled with moss.

For decorating, many craftswomen put decorative figures inside, along with greenery, mini-copies of various objects.

As you know, moss is a plant that grows in moist, shaded places. Therefore, it is the moss terrarium that is suitable for decorating the bathroom.

Moreover, caring for the terrarium is very simple and consists only in spraying the moss every 2 to 3 days from the spray gun.

Rules for placement and care

We have chosen the plants for the bathroom based on their adaptability to humidity and shade. There are some additional factors that you should consider to keep them alive in the bathroom. 

Often in the bathroom temperature changes occur, which in turn leads to the appearance of mold and the multiplication of pathogenic fungi. You can avoid this by airing the room, leaving the door open for the night.

In bathrooms, where there is not even a small window, you should think about installing additional lamps for artificial light. If this is not possible, then take flower pots to the balcony or window sill for at least a few hours.

As far as watering is concerned, if the room is very humid, you should only water the plants when the topsoil in the pot starts to dry out.

To ensure that the plants breathe normally, wipe their leaves as often as possible from soapy water drops and toothpaste.

You should think carefully about how and where to place which flower:

  1. Hanging plants on shelves above the mirror will look spectacular.
  2. In a bathroom with a large area, you can arrange flowers in tubs at the corners, and lush bushes will look good on special stands.
  3. For romanticism, you can place flower pots on the side edges of the bath, next to arrange candles. But to make an evening intimate, a bath with flowers will help.

If you still do not dare to grow flowers in the bathroom, I advise you to think about decorating the interior with bouquets of fresh flowers or artificial compositions. In any case, you decide what colors to decorate the room with!

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