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Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms in Their 90s: Recommendations and How to Choose

Mother’s Day in May is essential to express our gratitude to our moms. We deeply appreciate and respect the mothers who supported our families and raised us.

For moms who have reached their 90s, Mother’s Day is a day to express our gratitude and the whole family to celebrate their longevity.

When choosing a gift for a mom with so much life experience, it’s better to opt for a memorable present that reflects on her past rather than something new. Gifts enjoyed at home are also recommended, as many moms in their 90s spend much time relaxing.

Additionally, for moms who often enjoy spending time at home, items that can be enjoyed indoors are highly recommended. Look at these gift ideas for moms in their 90s, and feel free to use them as inspiration.

Recommended Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms in Their 90s

I’ll introduce some recommended Mother’s Day gifts for moms in their 90s. As their daily lives often require support from those around them, items that assist with everyday tasks or can be enjoyed at home are highly recommended.

Check out the following list of items, divided into three categories:

1- Caregiving products

Caregiving ProductsDescriptionBest Use Case
Rolling walkerA walker with wheels that can be used for support while walking. Ideal for active moms in their 90s who enjoy going for walks or shopping.For seniors who need additional support when walking and want to maintain their independence by going out of the house.
CaneA walking aid that provides additional stability and support when walking. A patterned cane can also be a fashionable accessory.For seniors who need assistance with their walking and want a stylish cane to complement their outfit.
Lightweight shoesComfortable shoes that are easy to put on and take off and provide support and cushioning while walking.For seniors who need a comfortable and supportive shoe that won’t weigh them down.
Swivel chairA chair with a comfortable seat height and a swiveling mechanism that reduces strain when standing or sitting.For seniors who spend a lot of time sitting and need a chair that is easy to get in and out of.
Reclining bedA bed allows easy adjustments to the headrest and footrest, making sleeping or getting up easier.For seniors who have difficulty getting in and out of bed or who need to adjust their sleeping position frequently.

For moms with difficulty walking or standing up, caregiving products that support their daily lives are great gifts.

A thoughtful gift that can support Mom’s daily life and make it more comfortable will surely bring her joy. Choosing items she needs that suit her lifestyle is a good idea.

2- Relaxation Gifts:

Relaxation GiftsDescription
LoungewearComfortable loungewear that prioritizes coziness for Mom to relax at home is a great choice.
Sleep-inducing pillowGive Mom a pillow tailored to her needs to ensure she gets a good night’s sleep, which is essential for her health.
MattressA mattress that reduces body strain can help Mom get better quality sleep.
BeddingMoms will appreciate a gift of new towel blankets or down comforters, especially since it’s hard to find the right time to replace them.
Shoulder warmerFor Moms in their 90s who tend to get cold easily, a warm shoulder wrap is a practical gift.

For Moms who spend a lot of time at home, relaxation gifts that make their time more comfortable are recommended.

Presents like pillows and bedding that help her sleep well are popular; these items can help her stay healthy by getting plenty of rest.

3- Memorial Gifts:

Memorial GiftsDescription
Photo frameA frame for displaying family photos, which can also be customized with her name.
Personalized calendarA custom calendar with family photos for each month will make turning the pages more enjoyable.
AlbumA handmade photo album featuring family photos from the past to the present is a lovely idea.
PortraitSurprise Mom with a portrait of her that she can display.
Original poemA personalized poem that includes her name makes for a memorable gift.

For Moms who often reminisce, memorial gifts are a great choice. Each item can be displayed in the living room or entrance, where she can see them often and feel warmth whenever she looks at them.

Spend time with Mom going through old photos that haven’t been looked at in a while and share stories from those days. It will be a fun time for both of you. Cherish your time with Mom as you give her a memorial gift.

Recommended Mother’s Day Gifts Based on Type

The perfect Mother’s Day gift varies depending on your mom’s personality, lifestyle, and preferences. Check out these suggestions based on different types to find the perfect gift for your mom.

For Moms in Their 90s Who Treasure Memories: Memorial Items

If your mom is in her 90s and cherishes her memories, memorial items make great gifts. Consider putting together an album of your family’s journey or a photo in a lovely frame.

These gifts allow her to reminisce and look back on the past. When the family gathers, everyone can share stories and memories.

For moms with grandchildren or great-grandchildren, a photo album or video compilation of their pictures can be a thoughtful gift. A growth record of the grandchildren can also be a wonderful present.

For Moms in Their 90s Who Spend Time at Home: Relaxation Items

For moms who spend much time at home, relaxation items can make their time more enjoyable and comfortable.

Gifts like a sleep-inducing pillow, high-quality bedding, and loungewear can enhance her sleep and support her daily life. She’ll appreciate receiving items she might not usually buy for herself.

Choose gifts for moms in their 90s that support their health and make their life easier.

Flowers and Houseplants Are Also Great Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms in Their 90s

Flowers and houseplants make suitable gifts for moms in their 90s. Especially on Mother’s Day, many moms will be happy to receive flowers because they have a strong association with the holiday.

A houseplant might feel unusual as a gift, but it’s perfect for moms who enjoy nurturing plants. Here are some recommended flower and houseplant options:

1-Flower Arrangement | Easy to Manage

Flower arrangements come in containers with already arranged flowers, so they can be easily displayed without needing a vase like a bouquet.

They require minimal effort, and maintenance involves adding water to the container. When gifting to moms in their 90s, many people prefer low-maintenance gifts.

Flower arrangements are perfect for this since they’re easy to care for. On Mother’s Day, you’ll find a variety of arrangements with different flowers and container designs.

Check out my article on Mother’s Day flowers, featuring recommendations and types of blooms, to find the perfect gift that expresses your love and appreciation.

2- Ficus Microcarpa: Tree of Happiness

LightBright indoor location
TemperatureKeep above 32°F (0°C)
Cold ToleranceSlightly weak
Heat ToleranceStrong
WateringSpring/Summer: When you can’t feel the moisture in the soil (allow the center of the pot to dry)
Fall/Winter: 2-3 days after you can’t feel the moisture in the soil (allow the center of the pot to dry)

Ficus microcarpa is a unique houseplant with a robust trunk. It’s easy to care for, making it perfect for beginners. The plant symbolizes “health” and is considered a symbol of longevity.

Gift this plant to convey your wishes for your mom’s continued health and vitality. Enjoy watching its leaves grow rapidly.

Though it’s a classic choice, the distinct shape of each trunk makes it a stylish interior decoration.

3- Olive Tree: Symbol of Peace

LightBright outdoor location
TemperatureCan withstand down to 23°F (-5°C)
Cold ToleranceStrong
Heat ToleranceStrong
WateringSpring/Summer: When you can’t feel the moisture in the soil (allow the center of the pot to dry)Fall/Winter: 2-3 days after you can’t feel the moisture in the soil (allow the center of the pot to dry)

The olive tree is a houseplant known as the “symbol of peace” and is believed to bring happiness. In feng shui, it’s thought to ward off negative energy, which might help protect your beloved mom.

It’s easy to care for, primarily when grown outdoors. However, be mindful not to overwater it, as it doesn’t like prolonged humidity.

Olive trees are available in large sizes but come in compact sizes for pot planting. Choose a size that suits your mom’s preference. If you’re unsure, consider gifting a smaller sapling.

Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift for Your 90-Year-Old Mom

Here are some critical points for selecting a perfect gift for a 90-year-old mom. Recommended gifts can make her time at home enjoyable and support her health.

It’s also a good idea to prioritize spending time together when planning your Mother’s Day celebration.

1- Choose something that makes her time at home enjoyable

For moms who spend a lot of time at home, consider giving a gift that makes their time more enjoyable. Items like comfortable loungewear, a swivel chair, or a teacup can enhance her daily comfort.

She will appreciate practical items she can use daily and make you feel good about giving them. Many moms might prefer practical gifts.

If her hobbies include sewing or gardening, giving her something she can use while pursuing these interests is also a great idea.

For moms with hobbies, listening to and learning from their stories can create beautiful moments together.

2- Opt for bright and vivid colors

For 90-year-old moms, choosing gifts with bright and vivid colors is a good idea, especially for fashion items like cardigans and scarves.

Picking subdued colors might make the overall impression seem dull. Gifts with bright and vivid colors tend to leave a better impression.

Furthermore, since fashion items are often worn close to the face, bright colors can help enhance her overall appearance.

To choose the right color, research the atmosphere of the items she usually wears and try to select something with a bright and vivid hue.

3- Pick something easy to eat

Some 90-year-old moms might have a weaker appetite or difficulty swallowing. When giving food as a gift, choosing easy items is important for her.

Choose soft and smooth treats like pudding or jelly if you’re considering sweets. Cookies, castella, and rice crackers can be powdery and difficult to swallow. Prioritize easy-to-eat items when giving food as a gift.

4- Go for healthy options

When giving gourmet gifts to a 90-year-old mom, it’s best to choose items that are good for her health. Health drinks, smoothies, and sweets low in sugar and fat are recommended.

If your mom loves sweets and is health-conscious, consider giving her seasonal, high-quality fruits. Many moms might find fruits easier to eat. A healthy and easy-to-eat gourmet gift will surely bring her joy.

5- Choosing to spend time together

Spending Mother’s Day enjoying a meal out or having a special meal at home can be lovely. For your mom, spending time together might be the most precious gift of all.

At 90 years old, it could be difficult or tiring for her to dine out or travel. In such cases, consider enjoying a lively and unique family gathering at home without pushing her too hard.

Your mom’s smile will surely brighten up as the family comes together.

Mother’s Day Gift Price Range for Moms in Their 90s: $30 to $100

For those celebrating their 90th birthday and 99th birthday, choose a more luxurious gift priced above $100. If you give all the siblings a gift, a more extravagant present would also be lovely.

Remember that if the gift is too expensive, your mom might feel uncomfortable, so choosing something easy for her to accept is essential.

The 90s are particularly special longevity celebrations. Gather the whole family and celebrate grandly together. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms in Their 90s

We’ll introduce some common questions and provide detailed explanations about message cards or letters, gifts for elderly age celebrations, and points to consider when giving a gift to a mother-in-law.

Is it necessary to include a message card or letter with a Mother’s Day gift?

Including a message card or letter with your Mother’s Day gift is great. It might be challenging to express your gratitude directly, but it’s easier to convey your feelings through a letter.

While gifts are appreciated, a heartfelt letter might be the most cherished part.

If you feel embarrassed writing a whole letter, even a short phrase like “Thank you, Mom” will suffice. Gifts with an accompanying message are sure to be more appreciated.

What are the recommended gifts for (90 years old) and (99 years old) Mother’s Day celebrations?

Giving a houseplant is also a great option. Whether your mom has never cared for a plant or enjoys unique varieties, there’s a wide range of suitable options.

For more information, check out the detailed recommendations on the pages below.

What should you be cautious about when giving your mother-in-law a Mother’s Day gift?

There’s no set rule to follow when giving your mother-in-law a Mother’s Day gift.

The key points to consider are to ideally give the gift in person as a couple, arrange for shipping if giving it directly isn’t possible, and include both names on the message card.

Creating quality time together on Mother’s Day is crucial, as many moms look forward to spending time with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

If you don’t see each other often, visit on Mother’s Day. Giving the gift in person helps convey your feelings more effectively and allows you to see her reaction.

When giving a gift, include a message card expressing gratitude for her ongoing support. It’s nice to have both of your names on the card as a couple.


We’ve introduced some recommended Mother’s Day gifts for moms in their 90s. They may need support daily; gifts that promote health, assist with day-to-day tasks, or provide support are appreciated.

Consider caregiving aids, nostalgic memorial items, and relaxing gifts to enhance her comfort at home.

While thinking about gifts that assist your mother, cherish the time spent together and make Mother’s Day memorable for both of you.

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