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Flowers to Give on Mother’s Day: Recommendations and Types

Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May every year. It’s a day to express gratitude to moms who are always thinking of their families. On Mother’s Day, it’s nice to give a beautiful bouquet that will make your mom happy. Flower shops are the busiest today, with many flowers on display.

Carnations are the classic Mother’s Day flower, but many might look for alternatives. Finding new options each year can be challenging, or you may want to try something different.

In this article, we’ll introduce popular flower gifts for Mother’s Day and some recommended options. Plenty of lovely flowers will make you want to give them as gifts, so be sure to check them out.

Recommended Flower Gifts for Mother’s Day

We’ll introduce a variety of recommended flower gifts for Mother’s Day. Each has unique features, from fresh flowers to enjoy for a short time to preserved or dried flowers that last longer.

Choosing flowers that suit your mom’s personality and lifestyle will make her happier. Consider what would be best for your mom as you browse these options.

1- Potted Plants

As Mother’s Day approaches, you’ll find many potted plants in stores. Potted plants make great Mother’s Day gifts since they last longer than cut flowers and have a lovely, entire appearance.

Popular choices include classic carnations, hydrangeas, roses, orchids, and lavender.

Both carnations and hydrangeas are particularly popular for Mother’s Day, and with hydrangeas available in red, pink, white, and blue, you can easily find one that fits your mom’s style.

Potted plants are excellent for moms who enjoy caring for and nurturing plants.

Depending on the type of plant, with proper care, some can bloom each year. The annual blooming can become a cherished Mother’s Day memory.

2- Arrangements

Flower arrangements that can be displayed as-is are perfect for those who want an easy way to enjoy flowers at home.

These arrangements consist of flowers inserted into water-absorbing foam inside a container. As a result, they don’t require a vase or frequent water changes, making them low maintenance.

Many stores sell carnation arrangements for Mother’s Day. Smaller arrangements for dining tables are popular since carnations have a longer lifespan than other flowers.

You can choose a classic carnation arrangement or custom order one based on your desired theme. Displaying the arrangement on a dining table or entryway can brighten the room.

3- Bouquets

Many people think of bouquets when considering floral gifts. Giving a bouquet for Mother’s Day is a lovely idea.

It’s an easy gift to receive, and seeing it displayed in the room will bring happiness every time it’s seen. Bouquets are recommended for moms who love decorating with flowers.

You can have a bouquet made according to your desired color palette and budget. Including carnations or other flowers your mom loves is a nice touch.

Whether purchasing in-store or online, reserving your bouquet in advance is a good idea.

As Mother’s Day and the day before tend to be busy, booking early can help you avoid long wait times and potential lines at the store.

Carnations are a classic choice for Mother’s Day

Carnations are a classic Mother’s Day flower, symbolizing “pure and deep love,” which perfectly represents a mother’s affection.

Carnations come in various colors, each with its unique meaning, making them a versatile choice.

Carnation colors range from red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, and white, with the rare “Moon Dust” blue being unique. Moon Dust is said to be the “world’s only blue carnation.”

Its color is closer to a deep bluish-purple, unlike any other variety. It symbolizes “eternal happiness” as a fitting choice for special occasions like Mother’s Day.

Although pricier than other carnations, even a few wrapped together to make a beautiful gift.

White carnations are a risky choice when delivering flowers as a gift. They are more commonly associated with funerals than with gift-giving.

White carnations, for example, are frequently offered to deceased mums during “Mother’s Day visits.” Don’t use them for everyday gifts.

Popular Mother’s Day flowers besides carnations

Some might think, “I gave carnations last year, so I want to choose something different this time.” However, giving flowers every Mother’s Day makes it easy to wonder what to pick next.

Below are some recommended flowers besides carnations that make great Mother’s Day gifts. Each flower has unique characteristics and meanings, so check them out.

1- Pink Hydrangea: Energetic woman

The meaning behind pink hydrangeas is “energetic woman,” making it a perfect choice for a spirited mom.

Blue hydrangeas represent “patient love,” while white ones symbolize “tolerance.” Gifting blue or white hydrangeas is also a great idea.

During Mother’s Day season, plenty of pink hydrangea plants are available. With numerous varieties of pink hydrangeas to choose from, selecting the perfect one will be fun.

From vibrant hot pink to soft pastel pink, there’s a wide variety of hydrangeas to explore.

If your mom has a garden, planting the hydrangea is recommended. Since hydrangeas bloom yearly, they’ll grace the garden with flowers yearly.

In addition, Hydrangea colors can change depending on soil pH, so watching the blooms transform as the soil changes are interesting.

Hydrangeas are native to Japan, making them well-suited to the country’s climate and relatively easy to grow. In addition, their blooming season during the rainy period makes it an exciting time of year.

Consider giving a hydrangea plant for Mother’s Day and let your mom enjoy its growth and seasonal beauty.

Discover the perfect hydrangea for Mother’s Day with our comprehensive guide on choosing and gifting these beautiful flowers.

2- Roses: Love and beauty

Roses symbolize “love and beauty.” While they’re often associated with romantic gestures between lovers, roses are also suitable for mothers or other important people in your life.

The symbolism of roses captures the essence of womanhood, making them an excellent choice for Mother’s Day.

When giving roses for Mother’s Day, you can choose between bouquets, arrangements, or potted plants.

If you want to make roses the focal point, a bouquet is recommended. However, a potted rose plant would be ideal for moms who enjoy gardening.

The number of roses in a bouquet also carries specific meanings:

  • 6 roses: Let’s respect, love, and share
  • 8 roses: I appreciate your thoughtfulness and encouragement
  • 11 roses: My beloved

Consider giving a rose bouquet that expresses your gratitude to your mom on Mother’s Day.

3- Moth Orchid: Happiness takes flight

The symbolism of moth orchids is “happiness takes flight.” It’s an optimistic message often used for celebrations. So give these flowers to your mom, wishing for happiness to come her way.

Moth orchids are commonly found in pots, and for Mother’s Day, people often gift a diminutive variety called “midi.”

They come in sizes ranging from small, easy-to-place pots to larger ones requiring two hands. The midi type has adorable, petite flowers and is famous for Mother’s Day.

Moth orchids have a long-lasting bloom, staying beautiful for about 2 to 3 months.

For those who want to enjoy flowers for an extended period, moth orchids are a great choice, as few potted plants offer such long-lasting blooms.

4- Lavender: Elegance & Happiness comes

The symbolism of lavender is “elegance” and “happiness comes.” The elegant message is thought to come from the soothing scent of lavender. Both messages are lovely for gifting to your mom.

Lavender, with its beautiful purple color and enchanting fragrance, is a popular potted plant for Mother’s Day.

The slender stems with flowers create a lively and energetic impression, while the abundance of blooms radiating from the pot adds charm.

Lavender’s calming atmosphere, combined with its vibrant blooms, makes it a perfect gift.

Common types of lavender are English and French, which have two petal-like structures resembling rabbit ears.

These two varieties are widely available, so check them out when considering lavender as a gift.

The beautiful purple hue and soothing fragrance make lavender an excellent choice for Mother’s Day, providing elegance and a sense of happiness.

With its lively, energetic appearance and calming atmosphere, lavender is a perfect gift for any mom.

5- Lilies: Purity & Dignity

The language of flowers for lilies is “purity” and “dignity.” Gifting a luxurious bouquet with lilies for Mother’s Day is a wonderful gesture.

Presenting a lavish bouquet to show appreciation for a mom who tirelessly works for her family will surely make her happy.

Remember that lilies can be a divisive choice, so research whether your mom likes lilies before giving them.

If your mom loves lilies, she will undoubtedly cherish and display them while enjoying their fragrance.

When gifting lilies, it’s best to opt for a bouquet. Although it’s possible to have a lily-only arrangement, combining lilies with other flowers in a bouquet will make them stand out even more and create a more vibrant display.

The availability of lilies at flower shops during the Mother’s Day season can vary depending on the shop’s inventory.

If you’re set on giving lilies for Mother’s Day, placing an order in advance is a good idea.

Use online shopping for Mother’s Day flower delivery

If you plan to send flowers for Mother’s Day, consider using online shopping. With online shopping, you can find unique flower designs that may not be available in local stores, and you can easily search for them at your convenience without visiting a store.

In particular, online shopping is recommended when sending flowers to a mom who lives far away.

There’s no need to worry about arranging shipping at a physical store, making it easy to deliver flowers to distant locations.

Use online shopping effectively for different situations, whether giving flowers in person or sending them to someone far away.

We’re here to answer some common questions from people who want to send flowers for Mother’s Day.

You might doubt the type of flowers to choose or how to handle shipping. It’s easy to wonder, “What should I do in this situation?” when it’s time to pick the perfect blooms.

You can use this information as a reference when sending flowers for Mother’s Day.

Do carnations have different meanings based on their color?

Yes, carnations have different meanings depending on their color.

  • Red | “Love for Mother.”
  • Pink | “Warm Heart,” “Gratitude.”
  • White | “Pure Love,” “Respect.”
  • Orange | “Innocent Love.”
  • Yellow | “Friendship,” “Contempt.”

Choosing carnation colors based on their meanings when gifting them to your mom is a great idea. Be cautious, though, as some meanings, like that of the yellow carnation, can have both positive and negative connotations.

If you’re worried about the meaning, consider sharing the positive meaning when presenting the flowers or adding the meaning on a message card to accompany the gift.

Is it okay to send a potted plant instead of flowers for Mother’s Day?

Sending a potted plant instead of flowers for Mother’s Day is a great idea. Popular options include houseplants and fruit-bearing plants like blueberries. Some moms might even prefer a houseplant that they can enjoy for longer.

Since some mothers may associate Mother’s Day more with flowers, it’s a good idea to ask for their preference. Then, choose the perfect gift that suits your mom.

Can I arrange for flowers to be delivered on Mother’s Day itself?

Due to high demand, some flower shops may have set delivery days around 3-4 days before Mother’s Day, making it difficult for your flowers to arrive on an actual day.

If you want your flowers to arrive on Mother’s Day, look for shops that accept same-day delivery orders or check with your preferred shop as early as possible. Some shops may be more flexible if you place your order well in advance.


We have introduced recommended flower gifts for Mother’s Day, including alternatives to traditional carnations.

When choosing flowers for Mother’s Day, consider your mom’s lifestyle and preferences. Pink hydrangeas and phalaenopsis orchids with positive meanings are also great options.

Recommended flowers besides carnations include hydrangeas, roses, phalaenopsis orchids, lavender, and lilies—all suitable and charming choices for Mother’s Day. Remember each flower’s unique characteristics, and select the perfect blooms for your mom.

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