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Bird of Paradise Plant Broken Stem (Easy Fixes)

The bird of paradise gives the house an architectural and decorative shape. However, what should you do when their stems break and lose their stunning, vibrant colors?  

The most common cause of the bird of paradise plant’s broken stem is either weakness or bending of the plant.  In addition stem rot, inadequate water and nutrition, lack of light, shock, and, lastly, rapid vegetative growths are the main reasons for Bird of Paradise Stem Breaking.

This article discusses the reasons why these stems break more often and the solutions to fixing a broken bird of paradise stem.

Causes of Bird of Paradise Broken Stem

Bird of Paradise Broken Stem
Bird of Paradise Broken Stem

Stem Rot

The stems of the plant may also break as a result of fungal infections that cause both the roots and stem to rot For example, fungus pythium, which thrives well in wet conditions, is the major cause of the rotting of the stems.

Apart from the fungus pythium, damp conditions may also cause the stems to rot as the stems become water-soaked, mushy, and soft at the stem base.

Thus, the stem becomes feeble later breaks and falls off. Additionally, the rotting of the roots at the plant base can also cause the stem to break, as the root is the part of the plant holding the stem.


When you have recently purchased, repotted, or transported the bird of paradise plant from its environment, it is most likely to suffer shock.

The shock will come from the plant adapting to a new habitat, adjusting the rooting system and the general environment.

This shock may result in the bending and breaking of the stems of the plant. Thus you need to take care when changing the plant’s environment to prevent the plant’s stem from breaking.

Lack of Sunlight

Unless you grow your plant on a solarium or use artificial lights, it’s more likely for the bird of paradise to receive inadequate light or totally no light.

Light is very important for the growth and development of the plant, as the plant uses light to process its food. Thus, it implies that the stem and other parts of the plant won’t receive the adequate light the plants need for making food.

Lack of light will force the plants to grow towards any available light source. The plant’s stem will become elongated, thus getting weak; after some time, it will break off.

Rapid Vegetative Growth

If the bird of paradise is growing faster than normal due to excess nitrogen availability, the stem may not grow strong as it should be. The brittle and weak stem is fragile and vulnerable to breaking.

The breaking of the stem may be signifying the time for pruning the plant. The bird of paradise plant is not known for shading the excess leaves; instead, the plant will keep the leaves that are quite large and heavy.

When the leaves are many, they force the plant’s stem to bend as the stems can’t withstand the weight of the leaves. This bending of the stem will cause it to break off because the leaves will overweigh it.

Lack of Nutrition

Nutrients such as potassium and nitrogen are very important for the plant to grow strong; providing the bird of Paradise with more nutrients will help the stem grow stronger.

However, if the plant lacks or receives fewer nutrients, the whole plant, including the stem, will grow thin and weak. After a certain time, the stem won’t hold up the leaves; thus, it’ll easily break off. To prevent this, ensure your plant gets adequate nutrients.

You need to provide the plant with a balanced fertilizer containing equal proportions of potassium: phosphorus: nitrogen. Additionally, you can add some organic manure to help the plant grow healthy and strong.
6. Lack of Water

Water is a very important component in any plant, especially the pot plants like the bird of Paradise. Water is useful for the turgidity of the stem, which is an important factor in making the stem strong.

Lack of water causes the stem to wilt and grow thinner, thus breaking off. To avoid this wilting of the stem, you need to water the plant appropriately; take keen measures not to overwater bird of paradise as it may cause root rot.

Physical Contacts

Physicals contact with the plants can lead to the breaking of the stems. While watering the plant or removing the weed growing around the potted plant, you may tend to handle the plant carelessly.

In addition, when you have children in your home, they can play around the plant without your knowledge, thus breaking the plant’s stem.

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How to Fix a Broken Bird of Paradise Stem

To fix the broken stem of a bird of paradise plant, most people prefer using the stem method. Experts have proved that the tape method will ensure the complete healing of the plant.

You need to consider the extent of breaking the stem before choosing the best method. You can follow the steps before using the tape method to fix the stem:

  • Prepare your tape, considering the extent of damage to the stem. The approximate tape size is 10 cm; you may need a larger size for bigger stems.
  • Attach the broken stem to the plant tightly.
  • Then using the tape, wrap around the stem. You need to ensure you cover all the stems, including the original base.
  • To ensure successful mending, ensure the stem and its base is packed tightly. The tightly packing of the stem and base will ensure faster and successful healing.
  • Allow for 2-4 weeks of healing by leaving the tape on the plant.
  • Regularly ensure to check for the healing progress of the plant.
  • After the plant heals, remove the tape gently not to harm the stem of the plant again. If you realize the stem is yet to heal, you can repeat the procedures until it heals.

It is essential to provide proper care for the bird of paradise plant in order for it to grow strong and healthy. The plant’s stem will grow strong and free of breakages if it is grown in favorable conditions that are free of risk factor.

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