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Hydrangeas for Mother’s Day: Choosing the Perfect Hydrangea for Mother’s Day

Floral gifts are popular for Mother’s Day, and many people may wonder which flowers to give. While classic carnations are always a good choice, hydrangeas are a fantastic alternative for those looking for something different.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to hydrangeas as the perfect Mother’s Day gift and tips on selecting the best varieties.

Hydrangeas are a popular choice for Mother’s Day gifts because they come in various types and colors, each with a special meaning that suits the occasion.

The colorful part of the hydrangea is called the sepals, not the petals. Hydrangeas have bisexual flowers with both male and female reproductive parts and decorative flowers with degenerated male and female parts, resulting in different shapes of sepals.

The diverse colors and shapes of the sepals make it possible to gift your mom a unique hydrangea she may have never seen before. Moreover, hydrangeas have different meanings based on their color:

  • Blue: Steadfast love
  • Pink: Vibrant woman
  • White: Tolerance

Each of these meanings is perfect for expressing your appreciation for your mom. Choose a hydrangea color that suits her personality, and she’s sure to be delighted.

However, it’s important to note that the overall meaning associated with hydrangeas is “fickleness” or “infidelity,” so it’s essential to emphasize the specific color meanings when gifting them.

Given these factors, hydrangeas are a popular flower gift for Mother’s Day. Give your mom a beautiful hydrangea, and express your gratitude and love.

How to Choose Hydrangeas for Mother’s Day

Hydrangeas, with their various colors and shapes, will delight anyone who sees them. They can be enjoyed as potted plants, cut flowers, or even dried flowers for Mother’s Day, offering various ways to appreciate them.

However, some people might be unsure how to choose the perfect hydrangea to make their mom happy. Here, we’ll introduce three tips for selecting hydrangeas for Mother’s Day:

1- Choose Based on Her Preferred Way to Enjoy Them

When selecting a hydrangea for Mother’s Day, consider how your mom enjoys flowers. This will help narrow down the type of hydrangea gift to choose. If she enjoys nurturing plants, go for a potted hydrangea.

Opt for a bouquet or arrangement if she prefers enjoying fresh flowers indoors. For moms who want to enjoy their flowers as long-lasting decor, consider dried or preserved hydrangeas.

Research how your mom usually enjoys flowers or would like to enjoy them. Knowing her preferences will guide you in choosing the right hydrangea gift.

2- Choose Her Favorite Color

Another recommendation is to choose a hydrangea based on your mom’s favorite color. With their wide range of colors, you’re sure to find a hydrangea that she’ll love.

You can gift her vivid red, blue, or white hydrangeas or even ones with nuanced, mixed colors for Mother’s Day. Hydrangeas with white variegation on their leaves are rare and will likely be appreciated.

Consider her favorite color and select a hydrangea accordingly. Remember that the atmosphere can differ between vivid and pastel shades, like blue, even within the same color.

Checking the color, intensity, and brightness will make choosing a hydrangea that suits her taste easier.

3- Choose by the Shape of the Flower

With various hydrangea varieties available, choosing based on the shape of the flower is also a great idea. Hydrangea sepals can be round, slender, pointed, or even curled.

Each unique flower shape creates a different impression, so find the perfect hydrangea for your mom.

Popular choices include the star-shaped ‘Let’s Dance Blue Jangles’ and profusion of rounded flower clusters ‘Invincibelle Spirit’ Hydrangeas.’ 

Although the color of the flower plays a significant role in its overall impression, the shape of the hydrangea is also essential. Take the time to find her favorite shape and gift her a beautiful hydrangea that she’ll love.

Unique Hydrangeas to Delight Mom on Mother’s Day

Hydrangeas come in many varieties, each with their own distinctive appearance. It can be hard to decide which one would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift to bring joy to your mom.

Here, I’ll introduce some unique hydrangeas that are sure to delight your mom on Mother’s Day. I’ve handpicked five of my favorite unusual hydrangeas, so please use this list as a reference.

1- Hydrangea Macrophylla

Pink Hydrangea Macrophylla in Pot

The Hydrangea macrophylla has many different species and is well known for its geometric and symmetrical look. The soft and smooth color will make you lost by their charm.

You can find pink and blue versions of this hydrangea, but remember that the pink one is rarer. 

You can consider this stunning beautiful flower to your mom. This beautiful hydrangea will make a lovely gift with gratitude and love. 

2- Black Steel Zebra Hydrangea

The Black Steel Zebra is a rare hydrangea with black stems. Because of this, it’s also called the Black Stem Hydrangea, and its striking contrast of black stems and white flowers has made it quite popular.

When the flowers first bloom, they’re green, then change to white, and finally return to green as they fade. This color transformation from green to white as the buds bloom is another delightful aspect to enjoy.

The elegant Black Steel Zebra Hydrangea is a unique Mother’s Day gift that many moms will love, especially those who appreciate rare and unusual plants.

3- Hydrangea serrata ‘Iyo Temari’

The Hydrangea serrata ‘Iyo Temari’ is a rare mountain hydrangea with a unique bloom style. Its small, ball-shaped flowers and gentle color make it a perfect Mother’s Day present.

The Iyo Temari Hydrangea’s color is affected by the pH of the soil. The flowers will be blue in acidic soil, while they’ll turn pink in alkaline soil. As the flowers mature, they also develop a a popular antique green hue.

Since it remains relatively small as it grows, it’s easy to enjoy in a limited space. So, why not surprise your mom with the rare and adorable Hydrangea Iyo Temari this Mother’s Day?

4- Annabelle Hydrangea

If you’re looking for a unique hydrangea to give as a Mother’s Day gift, I highly recommend Annabelle. It has larger flower clusters and a more voluminous appearance than regular hydrangeas.

From early summer to late fall you can enjoy the changing colors of the flowers depending on the season. They even turn into a lovely vintage color in late fall, which is one of their distinguishing features.

Apart from white, Annabelle hydrangeas come in various colors like red and pink, and their hues don’t change depending on the soil’s pH level.

This means you don’t have to worry about the flowers changing colors based on where they’re planted.

Their delicate and beautiful blossoms will add a lovely touch to any garden. If your mom loves gardening, she’ll definitely appreciate receiving an Annabelle hydrangea for Mother’s Day.

5- Xi’an Hydrangea

The Xi’an hydrangea is a variety of what’s known as “autumn color hydrangeas.” These hydrangeas bloom in early summer and then gradually change to antique colors as the temperature shifts.

The slow color transformation from shades of blue and pink makes these flowers very popular. Xi’an hydrangeas, in particular, turn into a stunning antique color, making them excellent for use as dried flowers.

If your mom has a keen eye for interior design, she’ll surely love receiving a Xi’an hydrangea as a gift.

For those looking to give a unique hydrangea for Mother’s Day, why not present her with a Xi’an hydrangea along with your heartfelt appreciation and love?

Beyond Potted Plants:  Top 5 Hydrangea Gifts for Mother’s Day

Hydrangeas are popular in bouquets and arrangements, making them excellent gifts. If you’re looking for a hydrangea gift other than a potted plant for Mother’s Day, you might be wondering what the best options are.

Here are five recommendations for non-potted hydrangea gifts for Mother’s Day:

1- Bouquets

A hydrangea bouquet is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts. Your mom can enjoy arranging the flowers herself or even dry them for a different look.

A bouquet of just hydrangeas can look lavish and voluminous with just three to five stems. Mixing different colors of hydrangeas creates a beautiful, colorful bouquet.

Bouquets are perfect for moms who love fresh flowers and want to arrange them or display them in their own way.

You can create a unique atmosphere and size by choosing flowers based on your mom’s preferences.

Pick hydrangeas and other flowers or greens in her favorite colors, and ask a florist to create a bouquet with hydrangeas as the focal point.

Consider gifting a stylish vase along with the bouquet, as she may not have one.


Hydrangea arrangements are great Mother’s Day gifts for busy moms. Since the flowers are inserted into a water-absorbing sponge in a container, all she needs to do is add water and enjoy.

Arrangements allow for a three-dimensional floral display, which can be particularly enjoyable.

To create a stunning arrangement, consider using hydrangeas to create height differences and adding thin greens peeking out from between the flowers.

Arrangements are perfect for moms who want to display flowers in their home right away and appreciate easy maintenance.

3- Dried Flowers

Dried hydrangea flowers make fantastic Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love interior design. They don’t require the same care as fresh flowers and can be stylishly displayed.

Dried hydrangeas have a unique, gentle atmosphere different from fresh flowers and can complement various interior styles.

A single dried hydrangea stem can create a nostalgic ambiance, while dried hydrangea bouquets or arrangements can also be an option depending on your mom’s preferences.

Remember, some people may perceive dried flowers as “dead flowers,” so it’s a good idea to check your mom’s impression of them before giving them as a Mother’s Day present.

4- Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers are created through a special process applied to fresh flowers, offering a unique charm different from fresh and dried flowers.

Preserved hydrangeas are easy to care for and can be enjoyed long. Their vibrant and delicate petals make them a stylish gift for moms who love interior design.

Various preserved hydrangea products are available, such as single hydrangea blooms or petals separated and used individually.

They often come in transparent glass or plastic containers, making displaying them easy without worrying about the flowers getting dirty.

Why not give a beautifully preserved hydrangea to express your gratitude and love?

5- Terrariums

A terrarium, which means “plant specimen,” is created by placing preserved or dried flowers in a glass container and immersing them in a special preservation oil.

This allows you to enjoy the beauty of the plants for an extended period.

Hydrangea terrariums make excellent Mother’s Day gifts. The translucent hydrangea leaves floating in the oil create a popular, enchanting look.

When exposed to light, the flowers in the clear oil appear even more magical. Like preserved flowers, terrariums require minimal care and can be enjoyed as interior decor for a long time.

In hydrangea terrariums, individual petals are often separated and placed in a glass container, creating a different impression than fresh or dried flowers. Consider giving a stunning hydrangea terrarium as a thoughtful gift.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hydrangeas for Mother’s Day

Finally, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about hydrangeas for Mother’s Day.

Why give hydrangeas as a Mother’s Day gift?

The reason to give hydrangeas on Mother’s Day is related to their symbolic meanings. Hydrangeas carry meanings that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

In particular, the pink “lively woman” and the white “tolerance” meanings are popular for Mother’s Day. Additionally, the blue “persevering love” is also recommended.

Many people also associate hydrangeas with “family togetherness” because of their clustered blooms.

However, when giving hydrangeas for Mother’s Day, be aware of the overall meanings “fickle” and “capricious.” It might not be suitable for a husband to give his wife as a Mother’s Day present.

If you do give them, include the color-specific meanings in a message card or mention the family togetherness aspect.

Do Mother’s Day hydrangeas need to be repotted?

It’s best to repot Mother’s Day hydrangeas after they’ve finished blooming. For potted gift hydrangeas, the pot is often too small for the plant, which may cause root-bound issues and potentially kill the plant.

If you want the hydrangeas to bloom beautifully next year, it’s a good idea to repot them into a slightly larger pot or into your garden along with pruning the hydrangeas.

The best time to prune hydrangeas is around June to July. For many hydrangeas, missing the appropriate pruning time may result in no blooms the following year.

If you want your mom to enjoy the hydrangea blooms next year, ensure she knows to prune and repot by mid-July at the latest.


In this article, I’ve introduced recommended hydrangeas and tips for choosing them as Mother’s Day gifts. Many people are considering giving hydrangeas for Mother’s Day.

While keeping your mom’s preferences in mind, focus on how she would enjoy the hydrangea and choose accordingly. If you usually give carnations every year, why not try giving hydrangeas this time?

I’ve introduced both potted and non-potted recommendations, so you might be unsure about which to choose.

Personally, I recommend the blue Hydrangea macrophylla for a potted option and a dried hydrangea flower gift for a non-potted option.

The blue of the Hydrangea macrophylla is mesmerizingly beautiful, and I’m sure your mom will love it.

Plus, the dried hydrangea flower gift allows her to enjoy the unique, gentle atmosphere for a long time, and she’ll be reminded of the joy of Mother’s Day every time she looks at it.

Discover the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day with our comprehensive guide on Flowers to Give on Mother’s Day.

Let’s give our moms a lovely hydrangea this Mother’s Day!

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